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                                                                    CHAMPNEYS, SPRINGS

CHAMPNEYS SPRINGS   Oct 16, 17, 18                 


The Break includes two nights accommodation, all meals, use of facilities, a massage, 5 workshops, a deep energy healing with Mike, and a self assessment with Sandi

Join Sandi and Mike Mayes on this Retreat Break to find your “Self”  - Put Your Self back into Your Life

How many roles do you play in your life e.g son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, husband, wife, friend, employee?   But who are you really? Where do you – your self – fit into your life?

This Retreat Break at Champneys Springs  will help you to learn who you really are, how you really are, who or what can change that, how you can make changes if you want to – it will let you put your “self” back into your life so you can make choices which are appropriate for the real you thus creating harmony and peace of mind.

For more details, prices, and to book, contact us 

For full details and/or to book your place, phone Sandi or Mike 07900 824089 or email

Clairvoyant Readings and Deep Energy Healing are also available to book in between our class sessions 




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