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£200 in advance or £35 per week for each course – 6 90 minute sessions starting on 14th January at 9am GMT

We offer two courses in Deep Energy Healing – one at a foundation level and one at an advanced level.    Successful completion of the foundation course will allow a student to go on to do the advanced course.  Each course is made up of six 90 minute zoom sessions and two private lessons.  Students will receive a certificate from the Rainbow’[s End Foundation on successful completion of the foundation course

Deep energy healing works perfectly on Zoom because energy has no limitations or boundaries.

Deep  energy healing is carried out at the deepest meditative level which is the delta state.  You will be taught how to easily achieve and maintain that state  and how to allow yourself to act as a conduit for the universal energy of the spirit healers.  You will learn how to facilitate the work of the spirit healers as they  direct that healing energy into the energy field and chakras of your client in order to repair and rebalance them at a profound level.

Energy fields and chakras are damaged and blocked by the bombardment of everyday life.  For optimum health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, they need to be in perfect balance so that the whole system can operate effectively  both physically and energetically.

As you come back from the delta state you will learn to receive psychic information about  where the spirit healers have directed the healing energy.   Through practical exercises you will learn how to convey this information on to your client and  then discuss ways in which they can help themselves to support the healing and avoid further damage, blockages and imbalances in the future  

A deep energy healing session will result in that person feeling  balanced and more in  control of their life.  They will cope better with the everyday drama of their lives and be more able to make appropriate decisions in order to move forward in a more focussed and calmer way.   Another benefit is that they will have a knowledge of what effects them in life  in both positive and negative ways resulting in self-empowerment

By the end of the Advanced Course you will be competent to carry out a deep energy healing session.

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