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                                                                                                          DEEP ENERGY HEALING BY MIKE MAYES



  I studied Deep Energy Healing {aka Trance} at the Arthur Findlay Collage over a period of 10 years.

I have worked regularly at  the five Champneys Health Resorts near London – Doing Deep Energy Healing – ( trance healing.)  I run five two and a half day residential Special Retreat Breaks for the company, and also give after-dinner talks and workshops.​

Once a  year I run a two day  Holistic Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival with 45 exhibitors at the Civic Hall in Totnes, Devon.


For five years, ending December 2018, I have done  a 6/7 week tour of Australia , and have worked in Spiritualist churches, New Age shops, Healing Centres and with spiritual groups in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, various venues up the coast north of Sydney, various venues down the coast south of Sydney, as well as the Blue Mountains.  I have also worked in New Zealand. .   In  these locations, I do workshops,  healings, talks and church services. since march 2020 I have worked on Zoom online for Illuminations in Dubai doing Deep energy Healing sessions and also teaching Deep Energy Healing with a certificated course.

WHAT IS DEEP ENERGY HEALING?      It is a non-invasive therapy which  mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically relaxes, reconditions, repairs, rejuvenates and re-energises at profoundly deep levels.


WHAT HAPPENS DURING A SESSION?         The client is made comfortable either seated or lying down according to their preference.   Mike then puts himself into a deeply meditative state and allows the universal/Spirit energy to flow through his chakra system into their chakra system allowing it to reach the areas where it is most needed.  As he comes out of the meditative state, he is made aware of where the energy was needed and where blockages are, as well as highlighting strengths and abilities.  He  then  gives this information to his client as an energy reading.  He will also give them information about what action to take in the future to maintain balance and wholeness, as well as how to self-heal and top up the healing energy

WHAT DOES DEEP ENERGY HEALING DO?        It  holistically counteracts the damage done by the wear and tear of everyday life, removing limitations and blockages and  balancing energy.   It facilitates ongoing transformation, growth and empowerment.  It is similar to having a major service done on your car. 

WHAT MAY BE EXPERIENCED?    A feeling of peace, serenity, balance and wellbeing leading to an enhanced sense of your “self” – who you are, how you feel and what affects those feelings both positively and negatively.   This will allow you to feel more in charge of your life resulting in profound shifts in both energy levels and consciousness  Often a better quality of sleep results.  These benefits are ongoing.


Ideally it is beneficial to receive a full treatment at least twice a year unless there is serious illness,  but Mike gives his client self-help techniques for use at home on a daily basis.  This therapy can be given in person or on Zoom

The cost of a one hour session is £55


To make a booking, call or text 07900 824089, or email or message me on their Facebook pages

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