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                                                                                                 SANDI CLARK MAYES AND MIKE MAYES


Sandi and Mike come from the UK where they run a charity called Rainbow’s End in Roseland which exists to promote and teach alternative therapies – these include Mediumship and Deep Energy Healing.  They were married in 2014 They moved to Veryan Green in Cornwall in 2017.   They run 4 weekly Mediumship Development groups as well as many workshops  -    The subjects they cover include:  Awareness/Meditation and Mindfulness/The Twelves Senses/The Chakras/Colour/ Mediumship for all levels/ Platform Demonstrating/Private Readings/Trance/Putting Your Self back into Your Life/Your Choices create your Future/Spirituality/Working with Energy.   They also give talks in all these subjects and more.    In 2018 they ran a 5 day course  in France entitled “The Art of Awareness”

They both trained at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex over a period of nine years – Mike studied trance, particularly trance and deep energy healing, and Sandi studied mediumship and teaching.  Sandi is a Reiki Master.    She has worked as a professional medium for 19 years on a  fulltime  basis and includes Spirit Art in her work.

They work at  the five Champneys Health Resorts near London where  they  run five two and a half day residential Special Retreat Breaks for the company, and also give after-dinner talks and workshops.

Once a year they did run a two day  Holistic Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival with 45 exhibitors at the Civic Hall in Totnes, Devon


For five years, ending December 2018,  they have done  a 6/7 week tour of Australia , and have worked in Spiritualist churches, New Age shops, Healing Centres and with spiritual groups in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, various venues up the coast north of Sydney, various venues down the coast south of Sydney, as well as the Blue Mountains.   They have also worked in New Zealand. .   In  these locations, they do workshops, readings, healings, talks and church services.  When they demonstrate mediumship, they work together with the same link and Sandi does Spirit Art.

At the beginning of lockdown they were invited to work online several days a week for Illuminations in Dubai, doing Readings, Healings and various training courses. In June Sandi and Mike spent two weeks working physically in Dubai. They returned to Australia in 2022 and 2023 and will be back for 6 weeks at the end of 2024 doing demonstrations and workshops.

They are now working regularly in Paris, they will be there for a weekend at the beginning of February and for a week in march, and then every 6 weeks after that. They are using an interpreter but are working hard to bring their own French up to a more affective level.


Sandi and Mike are motivated  by a deep wish to truly give Spirit an identifiable voice here, to make a positive difference to people’s lives and to help make our beautiful planet a better place to live for everyone.

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