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In 2017 Sandi and Mike ran a five day residential course at a beautiful chateau near Cluny in France.   It was called the Art of Awareness and the programme included visits to local markets and  churches in order to notice the difference in the energy, the sounds and the sights-    While they were there, they did readings and healings in a local village at the invitation of the locals – their first experience of working in a foreign language.  

visits planned in 2023

On 25th June Sandi and Mike were in Paris to do a public demonstration of Mediumship.  It is not something that is openly done in France but the organisers of a spiritual centre in the 13th arondissement have begun to offer it.  They worked with Amy as their interpreter, and their demonstration was well received, with 11 people getting a message from someone they recognised in Spirit amd  also  a symobilic colour drawing which Sandi had channelled before leaving to travel to Paris.  They are returning in December after they get back from working in Australia.  In 2024 they will be going for three weekends, as they will be doing a mediumship workshop on the Saturday before the demonstation on the Sunday.



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