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                                                                                             RAINBOW’S END IN ROSELAND 

                                                                                                              NO. 1137367


In accordance with our mission statement, we provide and teach alternative therapies and spiritual awareness as widely as possible in order to empower to create a more comfortable and fulfilling way of life.

If it is needed, we provide these services without charge or on a donation basis.

We work all over the UK, as well as in France Newzealand and Australia.

Many of our students have gone on to start up their own groups so networks are building wherever we have been.

We also run a Holistic Wellbeing and Natural Craft Festival twice a year

We have been inspired very recently to move to Cornwall, where there is a great need for what our charity provides.

This festival offers hundreds of people the opportunity to experience different therapies and find out more about spiritual awareness and a lot of alternative subjects.

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