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Sandi Clark Mayes and Mike Mayes were both trained at the Arthur Findlay College and have been doing readings and healing for 20 years. They work all over the UK as well as France, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.

60 minute Readings – combination of Psychic and Spirit {Sandi}

Sandi uses the energetic vibration of your energy field or your voice to gain access to the information which is stored in your energy field about your past, your present, your future potential and your life purpose and she will share this with you. You can ask her to look in detail at specific areas of your life such as relationships, career, etc. After that she will then deepen her link with Spirit to bring forward someone you know who has passed on. She will clearly identify them for you and then let you know why they have come and what they wish to say to you.
£55 per session

60 minute Deep Energy Healing sessions with Psychic Feedback {Mike}

Mike will go into a profoundly deep meditative state and link with the Spirit World to bring the appropriate healing energy for you and your needs. As he comes out of that state he will be made aware of where that energy was needed in your energy field to balance , repair any damage or clear blockages. He will give you this information as well as what you need to do to support the healing, and also how to avoid blockages and damage in the future. Distance does not affect transmission of the healing energy.
£55 per session

Special offer: £100 if you book both a reading and a healing.

To make a booking, call or text 07900 824089, or email or message them on their Facebook pages

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