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I have worked with Sandi and Mike over the past two months during both my foundation and advanced mediumship classes and all I can say is that they are both such a pleasure.  They are both such genuine and kind people that have their students' best interests at heart.


Sandi and Mike, both separately and together, provide a safe space for teaching and learning, they work with a high degree of ethics and make sure their students understand the responsibility they carry with their future clients (and other people they sit for).  They are both very knowledgeable about mediumship and healing and are open to discussing and answering any questions we may have.


They introduced me to another world in such a beautiful way and both came into my life at a critical time and I will forever be grateful for that. 

Thank you Mike & Sandi

Lara el Saad 2021

Dear Sandi and Mike

 it is such a  pleasure to meet you and to learn all the wonderful ways to connect to Spirit you are both such great teachers and have made the whole learning journey extremely easy and pleasurable.

Thank you so much for everything

Alicija 2022



I have completed the Advance Psychic & Mediumship Class with Sandi & Mike & am currently doing an Advance class for Deep Energy Healing. Both Sandi & Mike are the best teachers one can have, they go into every detail to explain the course & train the students, they are extremely attentive  to their students and guide them in the right direction. I had so many questions during my classes and all the questions were answered along with perfect advice and guidance. Their classes are in depth which help students develop their abilities and gives them more guidance and growth. I personally don’t think that you could find better teachers than them. Both Sandi & Mike are very warm, kind, compassionate teachers. I am very thankful to have such amazing teachers and would highly recommend doing courses with them.

Rashmi 2021

Dear Mike and Sandi

The past 2 years have taken me on an enjoyable road - a journey of self development thanks to both of you for your mentorship and support.

Thank you for being there for me and I hope that we will continue this journey 

With love Ivana 2022

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