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TEACHER TRAINING COURSE presented by Sandi and Mike Mayes

There will be continuous assessment on this course, and a certificate will be issued by the Rainbow’s End in Roseland charity.

Sandi and Mike were both trained in teaching, mediumship and healing at the Arthur Findlay College

Date of course:    2nd - February 

Time:                    8am GMT

Duration:             6 weeks 6 90 min sessions 

Cost:                     £200 or £35 weekly

This course covers teaching techniques which are suitable for all types of training with particular emphasis on alternative subjects such as mediumship and there will be opportunities for you to enhance your mediumship skills in order to pass on that knowledge.   Please note that teaching mediumship is about the foundation and advanced knowledge of techniques rather than your own practical skills – it is a bit like tennis coaching where it is now necessary to win tournaments, rather to enable and empower others.

During this training you will learn about the following:


Types of students and how to handle them,  types of lessons,  lesson planning, publicity including social media


Voice projection, dress, mannerisms, eye contact, body language and general attitude. 


Ability to share ideas and concepts, maintaining standards of teaching, levels of originality, class/audience interaction, ability to maintain interest levels, ,managing Zoom teaching


Command of subject, correct level of information for audience, ability to  link into students while they are working with their sitter/audience

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