CHAMPNEYS,FOREST MERE





13th 14th 15th December   YOUR JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY


Sandi and Mike will help you find and follow the signposts    You are already on your journey…….

Who are you?   Where are you?   Do you know where  you want to go and if so, how are you going to get there?  What would you like to discover?

This break will help to answer those questions for you and show you how to set your SatNav. and put you in charge.  You will learn techniques to make your journey more comfortable and fulfilling e.g. mindfulness, meditation, heightened awareness of what and who affects you in life, self-care, self-healing, listening to your intuition in order to make  the right decisions.  You will become aware of your natural talents and abilities and gain the confidence to put them to use.  

Life is a journey – discover how to make your life as colourful and interesting as possible.

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Clairvoyant Readings and Deep Energy Healing are also available to book in between our class sessions