Chakras run the body which is the vehicle which carries our energy field or Spirit through this lifetime .  They release chemicals, self heal, and holistically balance. us .  So if we understand the chakras, we can service our own system and make it run at its optimal level.  This workshop will give you the ability to do this

Saturday  18thJanuary 2020    10.00am -4.30pm

Coombe Community Hall, PL26 7LW

£25 including tea and coffee.       Bring lunch to share       To book, call Sandi or Mike     07900 824089   (£10 deposit)


                                                                       SATURDAY 28th MARCH 2020  10.00 AM – 4.00 PM  £25

@ONE, Little Field, Oak Road, Aylesbeare, EX5 2DA

“The Extraordinary and Never-Ending Journey of Mediumship”

Collecting and Presenting Detailed and Clear Evidence and Messages


This workshop will show you how to improve and control your connection to the Spirit World, which will facilitate more efficient evidence collection and presentation so that you can represent the Spirit people more effectively. This will be beneficial both for them and for those here with whom they wish to be re-united through recognition and communication.

Call Kate Benson 07866 568567 to book your place – places are limited to ensure that students get enough attention so book  your’s now!   £10 deposit