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13th January  9am GMT 6 sessions 90 minute £35pw or £200 upfront

Connection with animals involves so much more than petting, grooming, rewarding and feeding.

The mere fact you are looking at the details of this course suggests that you want to deepen and enhance your relationship with the animal kingdom- a

Connecting energetically in a profound way strengthens the inseparable bond we already have with our animal friends.  Healing strengthens it even more.  Humans and animals share the planet so two way communication is a natural process – however this has been largely lost to humans in today’s frantic world.

This Course will facilitate your connection and communication on every level – behavioural, emotional,  physical and spiritual.    You will regain your natural ability to read incarnate animals psychically and to connect with those who have passed on.

There are 6 sessions of 90 minutes comprising lectures, discussions,  and practical sessions You will also have a one to one session with your tutors, Mike and Sandi Mayes.   They feel this is essential as every student will have different needs which  need to be understood. 

After the Foundation course ,  we will check that you have absorbed and processed the information accurately then you can go on to the Advanced Course

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